We want to realise our wish to create next-level sportswear. We envisioned sports fashion that is one of a kind, aes- thetically appealing but sustainable, made of unique, hand-painted patterns and en- vironmentally friendly fabrics. The selected fabrics are made of recycled PET bottles, have an incredibly soft feel, and are as durable as expected of sportswear (e.g. in terms of elasticity and colourfastness). José Kranen is the designer behind JOOS prints and patterns. She is based in Nijmegen, where she set up shop in 2015 after a specialising studies in pattern design at Vogue Academy in Amsterdam. Nature serves as José’s main source of inspiration, which, to-gether with her background in graphic design, has led to JOOS’s signature prints of flowing yet abstract forms. All patterns are first painted and/or drawn by hand and subsequently digitally processed into their unique design. Our fabrics are printed by a young and fast-growing Dutch company, and the entire subsequent production process takes place in The Netherlands as well. This enables us to keep a close eye on the process, but also allows us to support local merchants and small businesses. By joining hands SHURA and JOOS have created an honest product that contributes to a circular economy and is, in philosophy and production, of true Dutch design.

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